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Are you struggling to get on the 1st page of Google?  Do you want more leads and sales?

There was a time where all consumers had to do was pick up a phone book and sift through a few pages to find local Houston businesses that met their needs. Now, with the invention of cell phones and mobile devices, consumers have information about a myriad of Houston local businesses at their finger tips.

It’s no longer a matter of calling a few different companys from their phone book ad efforts. Now, a mobile consumer can literally type in a few keywords into their cell phone or mobile device and find a wide array of Houston local business within a 5-20 mile radius of their house. Not only that, but with the touch of a few buttons, consumers can find out information about Houston area local businesses by reading reviews from other patrons. This way they can decide if they want to patronize an establishment or go elsewhere. That’s the beauty of the Internet; it’s interactive and can deliver way more information than a static phone book. This is why Houston Local SEO is so important to your businesses future.

So, if you are a local Houston business owner trying to get more customers, how do you ensure you get found? Dominate the search engines with specific Houston SEO strategies that are guaranteed to get you a massive amount of exposure.

Local Houston SEO and online marketing is much more than what meets the eye. There are a few critical Houston SEO factors that separate the real from the fake. These SEO factors will determine how effective your Houston Local SEO is. Some of these key SEO factors in making local Houston SEO work for you include but are not limited to Google Maps, citations, reviews and more. Here are the steps our Houston  SEO online marketing firm can help you implement today. 


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Houston SEO Factors to Improved Search Engine Rankings

iPhone_Google_Maps_grey1. Google Maps- If you want to appear on the 1st page of Google, nothing has been easier than listing your business on Google Maps and other search engines like Bing and Yahoo. Google Maps shows that you are a real local Houston business, and this helps prospective customers find your website and actual business location with ease.

2. Keyword Research- Keywords are what your customers use to find more information about your Houston business. Without specific keywords, it will be very difficult for your prospects to find out information about you. That’s why it’s extremely imperative that you perform thorough SEO for Houston with local keyword research to see exactly what terms your prospects are using to find out more information about your Houston business.

3. Citations- Citations are considered to be one of the most important aspects of Houston Local SEO. Citations are any information about your business such as your business name, phone number, address, etc, etc. The reason why citations are so important in local SEO is because they help Google identify your business. When you are getting listed in local and niche directories, consistency plays a huge role. All of your business information must match to increase your search engine rankings.

4. Reviews – Reviews help your new customers make an informed decision on whether they should patronize your establishment or not. Whether you have good reviews or bad reviews, it’s very important that you show the search engines as well as your prospective customers that you are a real local Houston business ready to serve.

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sanantonioresultsWhether you have a brick and mortar business, or a home based business, it’s crucial that you incorporate a Houston Local SEO strategy in your overall marketing mix. The playing field has been leveled, and technology is ever-changing.

If you implement an online Houston SEO and local marketing strategy the right way you will:

1-Rank on the 1st Page of Google Search Results

2-Increase targeted Houston local traffic to your site

3-Improve the amount of “in store” purchases every month


If you are not keeping up with the trends, you can rest assured that your competitions is. So, if you are ready to join the new wave of the future, give us a call and discover how we can help you with your local Houston SEO and online marketing needs.